Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nigeria and its bad dams

Nigeria suffers great tradgedy as a dam collapsed in Northwest Nigeria.

Apperently 40 people ghave died and about 500 homes have been washed away.

The head of state claimes that the collapse was due to a build up on sediment in the dam outlets that increase pressure. Nearly 1000 wells have also been contaminated by this.

This leaves Nigeria with its not so large population devastated in a sense as good drinking water is now contaminated and many of their homes have been demolited due to the flooding. Maybe there is an issue with the Nigerian government's ability to regulate and take care of its resources.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

CHINA! But you promised!

China is in some big trouble with the 2008 Olympic personnel. They have promised to live up to a certain amount of improvement with human rights for the future Beijing Olympics but they have not done so. Amnesty International is involved and say that it is the Olympic Committee's duty to follow through with this issue.
Amnesty holds reports that document a widespread use of the death penalty and have been extracting organs from these dead prisoners for transplants as well as they have been prosecuting civil-rights activists and have began to control the media much more and have began censoring the Internet.
The biggest offense concerning the Olympic committee though is that the Chinese government is forcing people out of their homes in order to make way for Olympic construction. They had originally hoped that the Beijing Olympic games would be a great show for human rights but the Communist leaders seem to be really rejecting this and won't speak of the matter.
This won't be a very good showing for the Olympic games if they represent themselves in such a place that does such cruel things to its own people when the games are supposed to be about the unity of the planet and all of its countries. I wonder if they will remove the games from Beijing if the nation doesn't comply with the Olympic committee's human rights requests. 2008 is almost too close for them to move the games somewhere else though unless they move to a previous location. Will there be a 2008 Olympic games if China refuses to comply?

Thursday, September 14, 2006


So apparently Iran has revived a program to enrich uranium with laser technology.

Alireza Jafarzadeh says that info about the laser technology came form the same sources that led to his revelation in May 2003 that Iran had a clandestine nuclear program. However, The Iran U.N. Mission says that these accusations are "baseless." Jafaezadeh has uncovered Iranian secrets in the past but his validity is now being questioned with this accusation that Iran is not complying with its obligations to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Jafarzadeh has been trying to get the International Aton Energy Agency to send U.N. nuclear inspectors to Lashkar Ab'ad and gain access to all areas. The U.N. is not rushing to do what Jafarzadeh asks but they have demanded that Iran halt uranium enrichment.

This makes it seem as if Iran is doing anything it can to make itself a nuclear bomb. soon. Wow this could change things up couldn't it. Iran with nukes.. terrorists swiping nukes like the weasel on Dora the explorer.. It may not be the best time for us to have to worry about middle eastern threats with nuclear bombs. The only thing is, will Georgie be o.k. with this enriching of uranium or are we going to dive into another confrontation over seas?